More on Color Tools

I recently wrote about the disappearance of 0to255 and what to replace it with and today I found another very versatile tool for color: calcolor.

Most common tools to create palettes, I don’t really like. The color combinations that apparently are scientifically sound, I often find depressing, so usually I use coolors, where I can mix and match with my space bar until I’m happy.

calcolor also has a palette function but it’s mostly of the kind that depresses me. An example: Recently I had to do a redesign of a website, one of the things I had to keep of the existing site was the color #A4CFA1, a soft green. This is what calcolor’s palette function does with that:

A screenshot of a palette with the main color #A4CFA1 at
A color palette I can’t imagine using on a live website.

I probably just don’t know how to use palette creators like calcolor to my advantage but for situations like this, coolors is perfect for me.

What I love very much about calcolor and makes me think I will use it often, is:

  1. The blend mode doesn’t just blend in equal steps to black or white, you can blend in equal steps between any two colors.
  2. You can pick a random color and play with it.
  3. It gives interesting color information.
  4. It looks pretty.
This screenshot shows the blending in 10 steps between color #33ff99 and color #ff3399 on the website
Blending in 10 equal steps from one color to another.

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