Refine edges in Affinity

What: Refine edges > Apply > Done!

Where: in Affinity Photo

A client wanted his name as his logo in a handwritten style. He was thinking of a handwritten font; I asked him to actually write his name for me because if you want personal, it’s often good to be personal. He wrote his name for me on paper, took a photo of it and emailed it to me.

I did all the obvious things: increase contrast, select the light background with the Flood Select Tool, Invert Pixel Selection, copy and paste it to a new layer. So far, so good. It looked smooth.

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I wanted a duotone effect on the photos on this site and at first I thought I would like to create it through CSS but what I found seemed to require adding extra HTML, which isn’t something I want to spend my time on for this site (I’m using GeneratePress and I’m not in the mood for a child theme at the moment), and as I was searching for different ways to create the effect, I came upon this little tutorial for Photoshop.

Title: Digging into Duotone: How to Create & Use Colorized Images in Web Design

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