Free Software for Animation

Once a year I teach Animation & Interaction at MKstart in Amsterdam. When I started teaching this class over 10 years ago, I used Flash. I’d make some very tiny animations with them during the first few classes and then some mini games during the last few classes. I loved it, they loved it, it was great. When Flash died, eventually I switched to Animate. The brush tool is still the same, the regular crashes are the same, but working in Canvas has made Animate more buggy and unreliable. I haven’t found any good alternatives so I use it anyway.

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Transition on hover

What: If you put a transition on the :hover instead of on the :link, it only transitions one way. If you put the transition on the :link, it will transition each way. Usually this is exactly what you want because once you move the cursor off the link, the effect will be gradually transitioned back instead of being removed abruptly.

Animated Poems

Some History

Back in the days when it seemed as if one in five websites was built entirely in Flash, I would use Flash to animate poems I wrote. Inge Raadschelders and I did this together and we called ourselves Blindschelders & Raadsman. When Flash died we gradually stopped making them because there wasn’t an immediately obvious successor to Flash.

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