More Flat-File CMSs to Choose From

There is a first post with a list of flat-file CMSs and this is the second one. Of this list, I haven’t yet installed any, or tried to built a site, I’ve just tried a few of the demos. A quick list of flat-file content management systems with relevant notes and impressions added.

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Choosing a Flat-File CMS

The static site generators that seem to be so popular at the moment are not all that appealing to me. I’ve looked at the more popular ones several times and I just can’t convince myself to invest any time in them. WordPress sites, which is what I’ve been building most over the last several years, aside from old-fashioned static sites, can really get on my nerves, both with how slow they are and how much maintenance WordPress itself needs to keep a site safely and functionally up and running. I’ve been eyeing flat-file CMSs for a while now because they’re fast, easy to install, and give my clients a way to manage content.

What: A quick list of flat-file content management systems for reference, with some of my thoughts added when I think those thoughts might be of use to me later. I did a lot of searching around today, a lot of reading documentation and some actual testing. These all seem to be actively maintained, have documentation and demos and/or are free (to try).

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