Reviving Flash (AS2) with Ruffle

In February of 2020 I started the cleanup and revival of an old website (read more about that in Joy, visit and all the way at the end of December I did a lot more cleaning up still. I removed old dead links, added some new treasures and cleaned up more old code.

What: I had come across an article on about reviving old Flash animations and games (AS2) with and the process seemed simple and easy enough to be very tempting. I couldn’t resist.

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WP Media Library Front-end Gallery

Using a WordPress loop to pull images directly from the WordPress Media Library and displaying them with a shortcode.

A crucial part of filtering the images you want to show from the rest of what is in your media library is done by attaching a taxonomy to the media library items. This has the added benefit of creating the foundation needed to allow for filtering of the gallery on the front end as well.

Filterable Gallery that pulls images straight from the media library

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Writing less.

A nice old (2016) video of a talk by Heydon Pickering about writing less code. It’s smart, funny, and I agree.

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Animated Poems

Some History

Back in the days when it seemed as if one in five websites was built entirely in Flash, I would use Flash to animate poems I wrote. Inge Raadschelders and I did this together and we called ourselves Blindschelders & Raadsman. When Flash died we gradually stopped making them because there wasn’t an immediately obvious successor to Flash.

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Short article with links and brief descriptions of places where you can learn how to code.

Title: 7 ways to start learning how to code right now for free

Where: @ The Next Web by Harrison Weber

Of note: Free. Old article so not very up to date. Not all of them are actual online places to learn to code

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