0to255.com has disappeared

My favorite color tool for years and years, the one I’ve used most consistently of any of the tools I’ve used, has been offline now for three weeks and my best guess is that it’s gone for good. One day I used it, all was normal, no notices, nothing, and the next day, it was gone. It left me a little stunned.

0to255 was a tool I used for every project I worked in, in the developer’s own words: “0to255 is a color tool that makes it easy to lighten and darken colors. It’s perfect for hover states, borders, gradients, and more.”
And it was, perfect for shading, perfect for fine-tuning your colors, perfect for me.

For the last three weeks 0to255’s disappearance left a gap in my workflow that I didn’t know how to fill. One makes do, it was fine, but today, I came across a good alternative: maketintandshades.com

Screenshot of the Tint & Shade Generator

It’s not as pretty as 0to255, it’s not quite the same, but it is close, very close and it works and I’m very grateful to have found it. I’ll fill the gap 0to255.com left with the Tint and Shade Generator, a worthy replacement.

Much love to 0to255.com, thank you for all your years of service, thank you kind developer who left it up and functional for so long, I love you!

Thank you Tint and Shade Generator, much love to you, and thank you kind developer for all the work you’ve put in, much love to you!

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