Reviving Flash (AS2) with Ruffle

In February of 2020 I started the cleanup and revival of an old website (read more about that in Joy, visit and all the way at the end of December I did a lot more cleaning up still. I removed old dead links, added some new treasures and cleaned up more old code.

What: I had come across an article on about reviving old Flash animations and games (AS2) with and the process seemed simple and easy enough to be very tempting. I couldn’t resist.

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I recently updated the links page on my personal website, something I hadn’t done in years, and there were some broken links there but I also stumbled again across

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Old Enough for Nostalgia

Just thought I’d document what I’ve been reading recently because I’m starting to see a theme here. It’s not a technical Today I Learned, but these articles are making me think about how I see websites and also how my ideas on that have changed.

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