More Flat-File CMSs to Choose From

There is a first post with a list of flat-file CMSs and this is the second one. Of this list, I haven’t yet installed any, or tried to built a site, I’ve just tried a few of the demos. A quick list of flat-file content management systems with relevant notes and impressions added.

  • FlatPress ⋅ FlatPress has recently been revived and is receiving updates again
  • GetSimple CMS ⋅ I can’t believe I missed this one the first time around; been around forever and it is still getting updates though they seem to be slowing down. On the plus side, for some: it’s included in Installatron
  • Pluck ⋅ The interface looks a little dated but it works well, and is very simple to use. This is still receiving security updates
  • SingleCMS ⋅ This one is new, it launched this year, and you have to pay for it: you pay $39/year per domain. It has a nice front-end editor
  • Sitecake ⋅ This one seems a little different. The content is directly part of the HTML page, in that sense I’m not actually sure it is a CMS (since there is no separation of content and the actual page, with reusable templates) but you can make new pages and edit the pages online.
  • Yellow ⋅ Yellow seems very sympathetic and easy to use. It’s pretty and perhaps a little too minimalist almost but I’m very tempted by it.
  • Bolt ⋅ Not really a flat-file CMS because it uses a SQL database but it is SQLite. Well documented and actively development. Looks very good, and easy to use.

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