Old Enough for Nostalgia

Just thought I’d document what I’ve been reading recently because I’m starting to see a theme here. It’s not a technical Today I Learned, but these articles are making me think about how I see websites and also how my ideas on that have changed.

My blog is a digital garden not a blog by Joel Hooks

How the Blog Broke the Web by Amy Hoy

Building a Digital Garden by Tom Critchlow

There was a fourth, actually the first I read, but now I don’t know where that is. Although, hang on… it may have been this one:

Retro Nostalgia by Ash Kyd. May have been another post reverencing Retro Nostalgia as well.

And now that I think about it, there may have been another blog post about the demise of quirky home pages but I can’t remember enough details to find it.

I might add to this post later.

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