Old Enough for Nostalgia

Just thought I’d document what I’ve been reading recently because I’m starting to see a theme here. It’s not a technical Today I Learned, but these articles are making me think about how I see websites and also how my ideas on that have changed.

My blog is a digital garden not a blog by Joel Hooks

How the Blog Broke the Web by Amy Hoy

Building a Digital Garden by Tom Critchlow

There was a fourth, actually the first I read, but now I don’t know where that is. Although, hang on… it may have been this one:

Retro Nostalgia by Ash Kyd. May have been another post reverencing Retro Nostalgia as well.

And now that I think about it, there may have been another blog post about the demise of quirky home pages but I can’t remember enough details to find it.

I might add to this post later.

Edit: A good read if you’re just starting with web design, or even if you’ve been working in this field forever, is Resilient Web Design by Jeremy Keith. It shows how we got where we are today and talks about some important leading notions. (His personal site is pretty quirky by the way.) It’s online and won’t take forever to finish.

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