Little crash course for Frontend development

At the end of this article there was suddenly a mention of a free online crash course for anyone curious about frontend development.

Title: Frontend Development Crash Course

Where: @ Skill Pathway

Of note: Free

It all looks polished. There is 4 hours and 20 minutes of video material. You’ll learn “HTML, CSS, SCSS, Bootstrap 4, Git, Github Pages and a sprinkle of JavaScript and jQuery.”

Thoughts: It looks like in some ways it’s too close to my current level which feels a bit like a problem I keep running into, either I know 80% of the material already or I have no idea what they’re talking about and it’s too hard. I know I’ll learn something new if I take the crash course but I’m looking specifically for something with more than a sprinkle of JavaScript.

Also, I like a video here and there but prefer a text, code examples and the occasional well-placed GIF.